Central Excited to Participate in Buttrys’ Work in Non-Violence and Peacemaking

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Central Excited to Participate in Buttrys’ Work in Non-Violence and Peacemaking

July 11, 2017

Central Seminary is happy to announce a new partnership with Sharon and Dan Buttry related to their work in Peace and Non-Violence.  Peace and Non-Violence are not new areas of interest for Central, but, by working more collaboratively with Sharon and Dan, Central hopes to enhance the ongoing efforts in these areas.  Central recognized the contributions of Dan as a Global Consultant with International Ministries in 2009 when the Central Board of Trustees awarded Dan the Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa, in recognition of his work in Peace and Non-Violence.  So, it is with excitement that Central announces the intention of developing an even closer relationship with the Buttrys’ work.

The details and exact scope of this new phase of the Buttrys’ work have not been finalized.  Central intends to announce the full plans for this collaboration in Spring 2018.  Dan launched a website (danbuttry.com) focused on Peace and Non-Violence in the Fall of 2016.  This website was created to expand the reach of the resources he and Sharon have been developing.  The collaboration with Central will hopefully provide even more educational resources and enhance various training opportunities.

Central is thrilled to be working on bringing Peace and Non-Violence to even greater focus and access through this collaboration.  President Marshall said, “Central honors the Gospel work of the Buttrys.  We are thankful for their witness and are grateful for the opportunity for further collaboration in the future.”

Keep looking for more announcements on this exciting collaboration.  More than ever we need greater attention and care focused on Peace and Non-Violence.

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