Central Doctor of Ministry Students Make a Difference

For Central, celebrating a global perspective is more than simply a viewpoint we believe to be important.  Daniel is a Central Seminary/Myanmar Institute of Theology Doctor of Ministry student serving his rural community in Myanmar (Burma).  His student education resulted in a project that was described as a “spirituality transforming the life of drug users in Kayah Baptist Churches.”  His work in the doctoral program enabled him to create a very specific drug rehab program for people in his rural community.



With almost 100 doctoral graduates and students in Myanmar, Central’s impact is far reaching in that country.  President Marshall shared that these students serve as “letters of recommendation” for God’s activity through Central.  It is heartening that Central has been called to serve the various leaders throughout this country.  This work not only offers hope in Myanmar, but it impacts all of our programs as we learn more from each other and seek to make our educational programs as relevant as possible.

For Daniel, Christian spirituality is relevant for recovering the lives of drug users in the Kayah State where he serves. He related that there are NGOs there working on the drug issue, but when it comes to helping drug users recover their lives, the support is limited. He is leading Kayah churches to provide that support. As he says, “Christian spirituality is very important for recovering the lives of the people—not only the drug users, but the whole people of God,”

Daniel is just one of our DMin students whose lives are making an impact.  To hear his story in his own words click here.  Visit this Central Seminary web page for an opportunity to hear stories from two other students in that program – Tisha Brown and Doug Hubbard.

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