Celebrate Women in Ministry Week ~ April 3 to 7

Join us the first full week of April in celebrating your call to ministry!

There is no wrong time to celebrate the wonder and joy of God’s calling in our lives. Even deep into the season of Lent, stopping to acknowledge the gift of calling and giving thanks for those who support women in ministry is a fitting focus. Jesus went about healing, teaching and loving the neighbor and the child and the enemy. The work and ministry of Jesus is extended in the hands and faces, voices and words of women.

Join the Women’s Leadership Initiative for a week of celebrating YOUR call and the call of sisters in ministry. And take time to thank those who support you by sending a note, sharing a hug, or giving them a shout out on social media. Then – if you are in our part of the country – join us for lunch on Friday, April 7.

Events of the Week:

Monday: post a photo of yourself and use the hashtag #IAmCalled
Tell a story of your call to ministry.

Wednesday: Give a shout-out to someone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter who supports you in your calling.

Friday: on social media post a message saying: “Because #IAmCalled  this is what I do …” or better yet, “go live” on instagram or facebook and share with the world what you do because you are called. 

Then join us for Scholastica lunch gathering April 7 (11:45 a.m.) at Glendale Baptist Church. 

We will eat and we will celebrate our callings together!

AND we will go live on Facebook with messages that highlight what women in ministry do in response to their callings. #IAmCalled

Register for Lunch TODAY!

And join us April 7 for the celebration!

For more tips on how to take part in this celebration of calling, please follow this link:

5 TIPS on how to join the “Celebration of Women in Ministry” April 3-7

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