12:00pm, Apr 20th

Common Ground: A Baptist-Muslim Conversation

Saturday, April 20, Central will host a conversation between Baptists and Muslims at Prairie Baptist Church, Prairie Village, KS.  The conversation is being held at the request of the General Secretary of the American Baptist Churches-USA, Dr. Roy Medley.  It is one of three such events being held by schools with ties to ABC-USA with the goal to “create an atmosphere where these two faith communities can live in peace and respect with one another and promote the common good in the society in which we live and in the broader world.” 

The Committee on Christian Unity and Interfaith Relations of ABC-USA is partnering with Central for this significant event which is part of a national dialogue between the Muslim and Christian communities on “The Love of God and Pathways to Peace.” 

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Event Location:

Prairie Baptist Church
7416 Roe Avenue
Prairie Village, KS 66208
(913) 722-6176

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Schedule of Events:

12:00-12:30 – Gathering, Registering. 

12:30 - Opening Session

  • Blessings from Muslim and Christian leaders
  • Sharing a meal
  • introduction of each other around each table
  • Getting to know each other table group activity

1:15 - Exploring Our Leaders’ Invitation to Common Ground 

  • Brief welcomes from a Baptist and a Muslim member of planning committee
  • Muslim speaker - Summary-interpretation of “An Open Letter and Call from Muslim Religious Leaders”    
  • Baptist speaker – Summary interpretation of the Response of Baptist World Alliance to the "Open Letter"
  • Questions from and conversation with the gathered group

2:45 - Break

3:00 - We Learn More About Each Other’s Faith Journey 

  •  “I am a Muslim and this is what I believe.”
  •  “I am a Baptist, and this is what I believe” 
  • Question and response  

4:15 - Where do we go from here?

4:40 - Closing prayers and blessing 

There are two documents that participants are encouraged to review before the conversation. Access these important documents related to the event via PDF files below.

A Common World Between Us and You Document - An open letter from Muslim religious leaders and scholars to world Christian leaders calling for peace and justice between the two religious communities.

Baptist World Alliance Memo -to the Muslim Religious Leaders and Scholars who have written or signed A Common Word Between Us and You.

Location: Prairie Baptist Church

Directions to Common Ground: A Baptist-Muslim Conversation