“Moving the Dial toward Justice”

Moving the Dial Towards Recovery - Benton Franklin Health District

A three-part series on Zoom featuring

Dan and Sharon Buttry

Global Peace Consultants for International Ministries, ABCUSA*

Thursdays, October 8, 22, and 29, 2020

12:00-1:00 pm (CT)

Thursday, October 8 – Strategizing to address unjust systems nonviolently in pursuit of justice.

It’s easy to feel angry at the injustices and wrongs we see around us.  But how do we engage in the analysis that will reveal what holds up repressive systems?  And then how do we begin the planning to bring about liberative change?  The Buttrys will introduce a tool that will assist us in this process.


Thursday, October 22 – Shifting people’s positions on issues of importance.  

During such toxic times as these, how do we change people’s understandings and commitments to strengthen the causes we hold dear?  The Buttrys will guide us in looking at a tool that first helps us become more aware of the different people related to a particular issue.  It then assists us in understanding various approaches to take in order to shift their positions on the topic of concern.


Thursday, October 29 – Transforming our personal and social traumas for social and political impact. 

How can we turn the traumatic experiences we’ve been through into powerful instruments of social and political change that will also leave us personally stronger? We will explore ways to move beyond being victims into becoming change agents.

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