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Lifetime Connections – Ron Stair, MDiv 2008

When you take classes together, work on projects together, worship together in chapel, and eat meals together once a week, you build a special bond with you classmates, so it is always heartwarming to cross paths with them years later.  That’s what happened when I attended the Disciples’ General Assembly in Des Moines.  A group of us reconnected and we decided we needed to get together for lunch. We spent a wonderful lunch hour catching up with each other and listening to each others’ stories. Most of us had not seen each other in years so there was a lot of catching up to do. We took some pics of our special time together. Pictured from left to right are Cliff Caton III, Lois Corbin Kelley, Suzi Goldt, Tim Wessley, Ron Devore, Angela Devore, Jo Stair, and me (Ron Stair). The joy was somewhat diminished because Sharon and Darrell Cantrell had another commitment and could not join us, but we saw them off and on throughout the convention.

Then, upon leaving the convention, Jo and I retreated for a few days of spiritual renewal at Conception Abbey, the site of my Benedictine Spirituality class.  While there, we ran into another CBTS alum, Jenny Hatfield-Callen, who had brought some co-workers up to the abbey for a tour. What a serendipity that was.

Jo and Ron Stair with Jenny Hatfield Callen

When you attend classes at Central Baptist Theological Seminary, it is like being family – you share a connection that lasts a lifetime.  I am feeling truly blessed.