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Journey to Readiness Unique to Each Student 

A Reflection from Grant Officer Rev. Dr. Angela Jackson 

 Working with students – whether through grant programs, as a ministry mentor, or in the classroom – is one of my greatest joys. I love witnessing their unfolding vocations and ministries as they matriculate through seminary and emerge as increasingly thoughtful, confident leaders. For some, ministry preparation is about self-discovery and personal readiness to lead. For others, seminary training is about biblical knowledge, theological frameworks, and spiritual readiness to lead. For still others, theological education is about skills, capacities, or confidence and practical readiness to lead. Every student’s journey to readiness is uniquely theirs.  

 Central Seminary provides the kinds of spaces in which persons can explore, grow, and experiment while pursuing their vocational dreams and individual purposes, as unique as they are. All of our school’s programs and courses are infused with innovative approaches to ministry and delivered in a digitally connected environment. Innovation and technology give our students a distinct advantage in today’s ministry world, and they are leading their organizations with confidence and creativity even in the midst of a global pandemic. They are integrating tradition and technology into their leadership now, and we are proud. 

While each of them is one of a kind, our graduates share one important thing in common. Central Seminary’s graduating class of 2020 is READY TO LEAD.