A Vibrant Faith

Wednesday, Nov 28th, 2012

Our pilgrimage to Myanmar was a life changing one. Although we have had some experience with Global Christianity before going to Myanmar, the pilgrimage served to open our eyes to see Christ at work in some of the most unsettled places in the world. The impact Christians are making in that part of the world is amazing given that they make up less than 10% of the national population.

Andy in MyanmarTheir faith was vibrant. They were able to demonstrate their love for Christ and passion for his mission in ways that seem most challenging for us as North Americans. In fact, they were able to bring together many communities of faith to develop a clinic, which takes care of all those in need for a dollar per visit.

As we think about our individual calls to ministry and how they relate, a pilgrimage such as this has broadened our minds. Everyone who enters ministry wants to help in one way or another, but it is important to consider the most effective means to do ministry or to live out God’s mission.

Aline in MyanmarAfter we complete our training at seminary, I am confident that we will be better equipped do ministry effectively. Whether it is in America, Brazil, or in Myanmar, we will be focused on living out our faith in community and discovering our own version of ministry. Our unique gifts combined with the creativity and imagination of the Holy Spirit truly can make an impact on this world. Thankfully organizations such as Central Baptist Theological Seminary and Myanmar Institute of Theology take the time to cement the foundations of these dreams one class at a time. Your ministry could be a medical clinic, food bank, technical school, or a more traditional church setting, but it is our prayer that you would be effective in whatever God calls you to do.

Grace and peace!

Andy Schreiner and Aline Silva-Schreiner