Word from the President

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Molly T. Marshall, Ph.D., President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation

Dear fellow pilgrim in faith,

Central welcomes you to a vital conversation about faith and meaning. Our school helps you answer the most important question: “What shall I do with my life?”  Your life matters, and God is still beckoning persons to join in crafting a more just world where all can flourish.

In a deeply fractured epoch, a theological school is a special treasure to the world.  It is a place where widely differing ideas are welcome, and persons are free to explore how faith, culture, and community interface.

Our innovative theological school provides a safe and spirited space to explore the deepest human questions and equip faithful leaders for diverse ministry contexts.  Whether you are tracking toward congregational ministry or another emerging ministry, we promise to prepare you for your calling.  If you plan to remain in your current profession but desire greater depth in your Christian faith, you are welcome, too.

As diverse cultures around the world seek spiritual wisdom, a new and evolving global Christian dialogue is emerging, fueled by widespread adoption of digital communication.  Central is determined to provide access for you to receive the ministry preparation you desire.

Central is personal, global, and horizonal.  Our school strives to be personal, recognizing that every learner has value and equally bears the image of God, suffused with God’s own presence. God is at work throughout the world, and we benefit from participating in the larger reality of global Christianity.  Horizonal means to see beyond the present, scanning the horizon for what comes next.

Welcome to a school that is moving forward faithfully with personal attentiveness, global perspectives, and horizonal preparation.  You will be a vital part of its mission.

To join us on this journey, please contact us for more information or to apply TODAY!


Faithfully yours,

Molly T. Marshall, Ph.D.



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