Transfer Students

Transferring to Central

Central welcomes students wishing to transfer from their current school to CBTS and has established policies and procedures to guide the process.  Potential transfer students should consult the current academic catalog regarding transfer policies and costs associated with review of transcripts.

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International students transferring to Central will have extra steps in moving their I-20 document from their previous institution.  After admission has been granted, international students should consult with Central’s DSO to ensure a smooth transfer process.

Please note: the acceptance of credits transferred to Central is at the discretion of Central, no matter the accreditation status of the previous institution.

Transferability of Credits Disclosure (pdf)

Transferring from Central

Students wishing to transfer to another institution should consult with their Academic Advisor and the Registrar’s office and complete the Withdrawal Form. The school does not charge any fee for transferring to another school. If choosing to withdraw from Central before the end of a term, students should consult the policies and processes related to dropping courses to determine the financial impact. Additionally, students transferring to another school should consult with the other institution regarding transfer of credits. The awarding of transfer credits at another institution is at the discretion of that institution. International Students (studying on an F-1 visa) must provide an admission letter and transfer form from the other institution to the International Student Office in order to complete the I-20 transfer process.

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