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More about the Women’s Leadership Initiative

Classes for the Women’s Leadership Initiative are small, personal, and focused on helping women to be ready to lead. The program is supported by full tuition and holds classes online and in person in Nashville, Tennessee.  Student Marie King (Cohort I) says, “In nearly every class that I’ve taken at Central, I’ve found things I can use in my ministry. There is always something to take away. I ask, how can I use this now? And the classes have helped me to be a more effective pastor to the congregation I’m called to lead.”

Mentoring is a significant part of the support the Women’s Leadership Initiative offers students.  Karynthia Phillips (Cohort I) says about her mentor, Patricia Brock, “There’s a give-and-take in a relationship. I don’t want anyone to make me into a clone. Patricia sees my gifts and talents and skills. She’s helping me move to a more excellent way. We may be gifted, but we can do what we do in a more excellent way.” (read more)


Women’s Leadership Initiative at Central Tennessee
Cohort II | Fall 2016

In the Fall 2016 Central Tennessee admitted its second cohort of students into the Women’s Leadership Initiative. Eleven women make up Cohort II, and they began their Master’s of Divinity studies with a trip to Conception Abbey for a week of prayer and study.  Students in Cohort II are taking classes together and building a community of learning and support throughout their seminary preparation for ministry.

Women from Cohort I and Cohort II at the Fall Convocation in Nashville, Tennessee


Central is working to build a remarkable cohort of women who are answering Gods’ call. We want to prepare them for new horizons in theological education and ministry.  Students receive a full tuition scholarship, a global immersion experience, and personal mentoring and coaching from women already leading in ministry.*

* Full tuition covers classes and international immersion. Students are responsible for books, administrative fees, and coaching/mentoring fees.



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