Curriculum Innovation for a New Generation Seminary




We live in a changing world. Technology that helps us communicate instantly with people on the other side of the world has forever shifted the way we relate to one another. Christian ministry has broadened to include a whole field of caring professions, and that field is growing every day. The church is moving beyond its four walls to engage communities in the places of their greatest need.

At Central we recognize that a changing world calls for a changing seminary, and we embrace it! We have worked hard over the last few years to develop curricula that will prepare leaders for ministry in the twenty-first century. We took a close look at each of our programs and redesigned them based on the skills, knowledge, spiritual formation, and experience that ministry leaders actually need.

The result is new programs that are competency-based and experiential in orientation. Programs follow a logical progression so that skills learned in one class are built upon in the next. We weave threads like personhood, society, justice, and expression into each class to address the pressing questions of our day. Creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurship are integral to the educational experience at Central. Our students graduate prepared to meet the evolving challenges of an emerging global Christian identity.

Central is exploring what it means to be a new generation seminary. We offer a new way of doing theological education for a new era of the church’s mission.

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