The Changing Role of Ministry

by Robert Johnson, Ph.D., Provost & Dean of Faculty

In today’s digital world, signs of global change are rapid and constant. They seem to travel at the speed of light. On the other hand, in this environment, the pace at which we must help students craft their own unique ministry travels at the speed of life — one successful graduate at a time.

How can Christian ministry find on-going relevance in this ever-changing, fast paced world? The first step is by redefining the role of ministry beyond the limits of “the church” as classically understood. The work of ministry no longer is confined to just full-time, part-time or volunteer clergy, but also embraces a new generation of faith-based individuals from all professions and walks of life.

The world today desperately needs ministers possessing:

New generation spiritual leaders must employ entrepreneurial and creative skills that span experimentation, strategic flexibility and attentiveness to evolving religious, socio-economic and political contexts, changing constituencies, and new opportunities.

It does not matter whether you envision ministry leadership as being in a traditional “church” ministry, or in a service arena that you will uniquely craft to reach your own occupation or life goals, Central aims to equip you to pursue your vision with everything you’ve got. Make it a reality.

Ultimately, successful ministry is not a matter of conforming to a traditional set of rules. Far more important is the essence of the commitment upon which your ministry is established. At Central the starting point is profoundly simple: ministry discovery begins with love for the Creator that finds expression through a compelling desire to serve both God and humanity.

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