What is contextualized learning?

Welcome to Contextualized Learning at Central Seminary!

The purpose of this blog is to connect students, alumni, and friends with information about regular opportunities to put into practice the things they learn from their professors and classmates. This blog will provide a forum for students and alumni to connect with friends and community partners who are looking to provide students with meaningful service opportunities.

Through weekly blog posts, students, alumni, and friends will be made aware of opportunities to serve the body of Christ. The first set of opportunities listed below are for students who need to complete internship hours for academic credit. The second set of opportunities listed below are for students, alumni, and friends who are looking for full-time or part-time employment within a ministry setting. In addition to the opportunities listed below, detailed job descriptions are attached to this post

If you would like to share a ministry opportunity or internship opportunity with Central students, or get more information about an opportunity that has been posted, please contact Terrell Carter at tcarter@cbts.edu or (913) 667-5728.

Opportunities for students who need to complete an internship for academic credit:
1. Chaplain- Kingswood Senior Living Community (Kansas City, MO)
Located at 10000 Wornall Road in Kansas City, Kingswood is seeking a Chaplain Intern who is interested in gaining valuable ministry experience in an ecumenical setting that serves seniors. Position duties include regular preaching opportunities, as well as resident visitation. Position requires 15-20 hours per week.

For more information, please contact Chaplain Kathleen Danforth at 816-442-3226 or danforthk@kingswoodccrc.org.

2. Pastor of Younger Adults- Holmeswood Baptist Church (Kansas City, MO)
The Pastor to Younger Adults is the minister primarily attentive to the church’s ministry to adults 18-35 years of age. This pastor supervises all ministries to these persons and works to develop a ministry program that recognizes a balanced understanding of a holistic world of the younger adult (including physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs). This pastor will recruit and train sufficient lay persons to staff all programs the church develops to minister to younger adults. The pastor helps younger adults understand God’s love and how to respond in faith to God. In particular, this pastor helps younger adults discover their passion and helps guide them to respond to God’s call in their lives to serve and to grow.

For more information, please contact Terrell Carter at tcarter@cbts.edu or (913)-667-5728.

3. Pastor of Youth- Holmeswood Baptist Church (Kansas City, MO)
The Youth Pastor is responsible for organizing, directing, and implementing youth ministry opportunities, seventh through twelfth grade. This position requires a ministerial Christian approach, ethical behavior, good attitude, and awareness of boundaries. The youth pastor should value diversity and understand and appreciate that Holmeswood members and our community are diverse. He/she will support the participation of all members in the various ministries of the church, including preaching. The Youth Pastor will have opportunities to serve in worship and explore other areas of ministry as personally interested.

For more information, please contact Terrell Carter at tcarter@cbts.edu or (913)-667-5728.

4. Camp Pastor- PASSPORT Camps (Various locations)
Communicating the thoughtful Gospel of Jesus’ love in engaging ways to teenagers and children takes a lot of prayer and preparation. PASSPORT is not looking for a named personality; PASSPORT Camps is looking for spiritually-grounded storytellers to breathe life into the gospel message and who live a life that reflects it. Camp Pastors also lead by example off “the stage” by helping to administrate other areas of camp life, like serving lunch, sixth sense or overseeing morning celebration.

Position Expectations include solid presentation & communication skills, teachable spirit, thoughtful, relates well with students, organizational skills, team player, and be in good health.

For full description and online application, please visit http://passportcamps.org/staff-positions/


Opportunities for students, alumni, and others who are seeking full time or part time ministry employment:
1. Part-time/Bi-vocational Pastor- Grace Baptist Church (North Kansas City, MO)
Grace Baptist Church is an American Baptist Church and is seeking a pastor who will provide leadership in the following areas: Preaching, teaching, pastoral care, church administration, and participation in denominational and inter-denominational activities. It is anticipated that the position will require 20-25 hours per week.

For more information, please see the attached church profile or contact Sandi McKee, Chair of the Pastoral Search Committee at sandi.mckee@grace4u.net.

2. Full-time Associate Pastor- First Baptist Church of Peoria (Peoria, IL)
First Baptist Church of Peoria currently has an opening for an Associate Pastor who will primarily be responsible for developing and growing programming related to youth and young adults. FBCP is an American Baptist Church within the Great Rivers Region.

For more information, please contact Terrell Carter at tcarter@cbts.edu or (913)-667-5728.

3. Part-time Youth Minister- Dayspring Baptist Church (St. Louis, MO)
Dayspring Baptist Church currently has an opening for a part-time youth minister. The Youth Minister will be called by the church to provide leadership to the church’s work with Middle School and High School students and families.

Dayspring Baptist Church (formerly Delmar Baptist) is a moderate—progressive Baptist church, affiliated with American Baptist Churches and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We are a small vibrant community of thoughtful people that seek to be transformed by the love of God made known in Christ, and to be conduits of God’s love in the world.

To learn more about this position, please visit DayspringStL.com.

4. April 15 and 16- Face to Face interviews with Search Committees representing American Baptist Congregations within Indiana/Kentucky, Greater Indianapolis, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois/Missouri
The American Baptist Churches of Indiana/Kentucky will host “Face to Face” meetings this year partnering with the Indianapolis, Great Rivers, Michigan, and Ohio regions of American Baptist Churches. This year’s event will be held April 15-16, at Richmond (Indiana) FBC.

These “Face to Face” meetings are an opportunity for pastoral candidates to have first time interviews with a number of search committees over a two day period. Over the years, quite a few churches have called a pastor whom their search committee first met at a Face to Face event. Central Seminary senior students and alumni are encouraged to participate in this process.

For more information, please contact Terrell Carter at tcarter@cbts.edu or (913)-667-5728.

In order to have your internship or ministry opportunity shared with CBTS students, alumni, and friends, please contact Terrell Carter at tcarter@cbts.edu or (913)-667-5728.

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