The 10th FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities Class Graduated on January 27, in Buffalo, NY


The 10th graduation ceremony for Central Seminary’s FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities (FJC) certificate in ministry program was be held in Buffalo, New York, on January 27, 2018. Of the 49 students who participated in the program in Buffalo, 47 received their certificates on that day.

These students began their studies September 30, 2017, and completed them on January 27, 2018. One participant traveled from Cleveland, Ohio, four from Syracuse, New York, and forty-four lived in the Buffalo, New York, area. The classes were taught in both the Karen and Burmese languages and were held every Saturday, excluding the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.

Everyone who attended the courses considered it a great privilege. Course instructors also enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experiences with the students and saw this program as a great benefit for all who had emigrated to the United States.

A new milestone for Central Seminary’s FJC ministry certificate program will be celebrated soon.  Central is planning to upgrade the program from certificate to diploma. Those who have received the Certificate of Ministry Studies through FJC will be invited to complete the upgraded program.

Marlene Po, program director for FJC, says, “I am very thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him through theological education for the Burmese (Myanmar) Diaspora Churches in the United States of America. It is important for every Christian immigrant to have knowledge about the country in which they settle.”

She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported this ministry through prayers, donations, and volunteering: “I can see the LOVE of God through your good deeds. May showers of blessings fall upon you forever.”

Central Seminary has a deep commitment to educational initiatives both in Burma and here in the US.  Working in partnership with International Ministries, Central Seminary offers this ministry certificate program for members of the Burmese diaspora communities in the US.  Over 400 students from these communities have already participated in Central’s FOUNDATIONS Judson Communities (FJC) certificate program.  These students have participated in classes taught in New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota, Indiana, Oregon, and California. In December 2017 Marlene Po began serving as the program’s director.

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