What is Midrash & a Meal

Beginning in September you are invited to join your graduate colleagues from Central Baptist Theological Seminary for lunch and a hearty discussion.  Four times in the coming year one of our esteemed seminary staff will provide a book to read and then gather with us to discuss that book together.  You are invited to read the selected text, agree, disagree, pontificate, wonder, question, expound, interact, listen, or celebrate what you have learned.

The goal of this Midrash is simply to keep our minds sharp, continue to be learners, and allow our iron to sharpen iron.  Our seminary staff has graciously volunteered to convene our discussion, provide some opening comments, and bring their insights into our discussion.  Each of us comes to the discussion with a diverse wealth of lived experiences and theological insights.  Those along with a freshly read text will provide some insightful discussion with our CBTS graduate cohorts and select seminary staff.

Our first Midrash & a Meal will be in the library on Central’s Shawnee Campus on September 20, 2012, at 11:30 a.m. and will be convened by Dr. Molly T. Marshall.  We will be discussing Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics, by Ross Douthat, the provocative columnist for The New York Times.You can purchase the book online or at Cokesbury.  If you need help to cover the cost, please contact Derek Varney, President of the Alumni/ae Association at pastorderekv@comcast.net.

Lunch will be provided.

Here’s the schedule for the coming year:

    Date                                   Convener                                Place

September 20                     Molly T. Marshall                CBTS, Shawnee Campus

January 24                             Tarris D. Rosell                   KU Medical Center

April 18                                    TBA                                              TBA

July 11                                      TBA                                              TBA


My Experience:

Corey Fields

I am passionate about leading “the church on the move.”

My joy is to see followers of Christ actively engaged in using their gifts, and blazing trails in effectively reaching the world with the transforming power of the gospel. As a servant leader of Christ’s church, I want to do for others what my leaders and mentors did for me: facilitate that transformational connection between life on the ground and scripture/theology.

I see the Christian faith as a journey, a way of life. Many people can affirm that “church” is the people, not the building, but were that to become a reality in how we actually function, the church would be transformed. I’m fond of using the designation “follower of Christ.” As I read the gospels, the essence of the call of Jesus is action: going, sending, doing.