Seeing Faith – By Jay Thornton

In the Christian tradition faith is essential.  We have faith that Jesus is Lord, faith that God is still creating, and faith that we have a place in the ongoing restoration of the world.

Faith is often considered more potent somehow if it is placed in something that is not seen.  Sunday school lessons that teach us not to be a “Doubting Thomas” abound.  Hebrews teaches us that “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Is faith diminished if it is born out of seeing?

I hope not, because it is in the seeing on this pilgrimage that I have new faith.

Faith that civil war and oppression do not have to be the dominant narrative.

Faith that the land can be a home for all.

Faith that strangers in a strange land can be reunited with loved ones.

Faith that God reigns in ways I never knew possible.

I believe in change.  Things change no matter how hard we fight to hold on to what we have.  Suffering comes when those in power fight the change that brings about the most good for the most people.  New truth can be found in change if we are willing to see the possibilities.

IMG_5590Today we had the privilege of seeing many holy Buddhist sites.  I found myself reflecting on all the change this country has seen throughout its rich history.  Buddhist teacher Steve Hagen says in his bookBuddhism: Plain and Simple that, “As we shall see, this desire to hold on, to somehow stop change in its tracks, is the greatest source of woe and horror and trouble in our lives.”

This type of change can only come as each of us looks inside ourselves to see the ways in which we are holding on the stuff we should let go of.

Yesterday is over.


Never coming back.

And we can do nothing about it.  But when it comes to tomorrow, we have all the say.

Will we choose peace?  Will we work to see justice done for those who need it the most?  Will we look inward first and let go of our desire to maintain?

I am full of questions about tomorrow.

But I have faith that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.  We shall see…


My Experience:

Carolyn Dugan

I started with Central Baptist Theological Seminary in 2010 as a student in the MDiv program. I wasn’t sure then and I am still not sure now what God has planned for me. I have been transitioning from a career in science to a calling in ministry and the experiences, classes and personal relationships I have been a part of with CBTS have helped me in my Camping Ministry with ABC of WI as well as my work in my church as CE Director. I also commute an hour and a half one way to classes each weekend and I have been the recipient of some wonderful hospitality from fellow students. We truly are a community. I am excited to see what is in store and I know I have a great support team!