Reflections on a Myanmar Pilgrimage


As I looked over the waters at Moulmein, I was aware that the Judsons had navigated those same waterways 200 years ago.  The fishing nets and boats (minus the motors) would have probably had a hint of familiarity to them.  Their hearts would have overflowed with much joy if they could have met the current pastor of the Baptist church which they began two centuries ago.  As I walked through the current church building and gazed at Adoniram’s photo and earlier translations of the Burmese Bible and Burmese/English Dictionary, I was much aware that because the Judsons had the courage and faith to follow their calling, the Baptist church had continued to grow and thrive in the community and throughout Myanmar.

IMG_4626_Angela at Judson 1st Baptist IMG_4648_Carol Ann and Angela with Pastor_For Blog

A few days later, my heart was deeply moved when I stepped out of our van into the crowds of Baptists who eagerly wanted to have their pictures taken with the foreigners who had arrived for the bicentennial celebration.  Our small group of ten North American Baptists represented the Judsons in their eyes.  We smiled and hugged our extended Baptist family members who graciously received us in a VIP manner.  In the midst of all the excitement, I was aware that we were all there because of the Judsons.  I often wonder how all those experiences will change and direct me because I made time to spend ten days in Myanmar.

VIP Greeting at Bicentennial Event photo
IMG_8194_Ywama Baptist Church

As I stood to sing the Christmas carols in Maung Maung’s church on the second Sunday of Advent, I recognized the familiar tunes.   The different languages of the congregants blended together into a beautiful harmony with the music of the piano, flute and violin.  It was a glimpse of heaven that morning.  I was so honored to be included in the warmth of this Baptist community so far from home.

Rev. Angela Lowe, BCC
Coordinator of Chaplain Services
Lawrence Memorial Hospital


My Experience:

Aline Silva-Schreiner

To be honest, I knew not what to expect of my Seminary experience. Sure I had heard great things about Central, but what I encountered was beyond what I imagined. To begin, every professor I encountered was an absolute expert in the field willing not only to share his or her knowledge but also nurture each student to grow in areas of challenge. It is because of the faculty’s excellent pedagogical skills that today I am confident enough to attend to God’s call in all settings. Currently, I work to help each individual see their God-given beauty and then bring outward in a traditional or non traditional setting in hopes of building God’s kingdom.